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We're David and Roma Avanzini, dedicated to sharing God's love and financial truths, bringing hope to those in need. Whether you're a returning or new visitor, we warmly welcome you. Join us on this faith-filled journey and may blessings abound in your life!

Spirit, Soul & Body

We've all been hurt in various ways. Life has its ups and downs, impacting our spirit, soul, and body. If you're feeling less than 100%, remember that God desires your restoration. Explore our resources for healing and growth.

Take An Adventure With God

Join Dr. David Avanzini on a transformative faith journey in "Taking an Adventure with God". Experience Isaac and Abraham's sacrificial journey, symbolizing absolute faith. Gain insights, redefine you... ...more

Avanzini Ministries

January 11, 20241 min read

Take An Adventure With God

Let’s All Take Our Stewardship To the Next Level

The Word of God consistently guides us to progress from one level of glory to another, as we strive to reflect the marvelous image of Christ. Alongside our pursuit of Christlikeness, it is crucial to ... ...more

Avanzini Ministries

January 08, 20240 min read

Let’s All Take Our Stewardship To the Next Level

Don't Be An Also Ran

Join Dr. John Avanzini today as he breathes life into the word of God, sharing it in a unique and captivating way. As the scripture says, "Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only ... ...more

Avanzini Ministries

January 04, 20240 min read

Don't Be An Also Ran

Don't Give yourself into the Poorhouse

Beware! It is indeed possible to find yourself in financial ruin. I understand that many of you have contemplated this possibility for quite some time, and I must confirm that it is indeed a valid con... ...more

Avanzini Ministries

January 01, 20240 min read

Don't Give yourself into the Poorhouse

Here's more about what our ministry provides.

Schedule a Church Changing Event

For over 40 years, our ministry has dedicated itself to teaching churches about biblical economics. We are committed to assisting both individuals and church organizations in achieving financial freedom. Proper stewardship is crucial in managing the finances that God intended for you and your church. Allow us to guide you towards financial abundance and wise resource allocation.

Steward Tips Offertory System

Events may make a big impact, but lasting organizational change goes beyond that. True transformation happens when leaders embrace the truth and consistently keep the vision at the forefront of their people's minds. With our tried and tested blueprint, you can empower your church to cultivate a lasting vision and align themselves with God's true perspective. You're not alone, we embark on this journey together!

Online Educational Tools

Similar to individuals who commit to losing weight or becoming bodybuilders and seek personal trainers or join programs to maximize their progress, it is equally vital to engage with a community that wants help you to fully develop your potential in the spiritual realm. Joining our online support, and connecting with our spiritual mentorship team can really help enhance your spiritual growth. Our team will work with you to develop a personalized plan that can help you reach your spiritual goals. We believe in providing the tools and knowledge needed so that every individual has an opportunity for meaningful spiritual growth. So, join us today and start your journey towards enlightenment!

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Trouble Maker: The One Behind The Curtain

Once you have successfully identified the true Trouble Maker that has been causing disruptions in your life, you will have the power to rise above the challenges and emerge as a resilient overcomer. By gaining a clear comprehensive understanding of the root cause, carefully examining its underlying factors and analyzing its profound impact on your life, you can strategically navigate your way towards a brighter future. Armed with the necessary tools, resources, and a growth-oriented mindset, you will be equipped to conquer any obstacle that comes your way, demonstrating unwavering determination, resilience, and an unyielding pursuit of your true purpose in life.


Our Wonderful Team

Dr. David Avanzini

Dr. David Avanzini is a man on a mission. As the president of Avanzini Ministries, he is dedicated to helping others in any way he can. His compassionate nature shines through in everything he does, and he has a true heart for those who are struggling in their finances as well as their personal lives. Over the years, he has worked tirelessly to spread his message all over the world. From his speaking engagements to his thought-provoking writings, Dr. Avanzini has made an impact on countless lives. And through it all, he remains committed to his mission of helping others find the strength they need to overcome life's challenges.

Roma Avanzini

Meet Roma Avanzini, a passionate member of Avanzini Ministries who dedicates herself to supporting her husband, Dr. David Avanzini. But that's not all - Roma has a heart for those who are often overlooked and underrepresented in society. She cares deeply about battered women and children who find themselves in abusive situations, and works tirelessly to empower them to regain their independence. In addition, Roma is committed to supporting the homeless population and helping them get back on their feet, so that they can become an integral part of society and thrive once again. With her unwavering dedication and compassion, Roma is a force to be reckoned with both in and out of the ministry.

Yvette Pruitt

Yvette Pruitt is a remarkable example of a godly woman who truly loves the word of God. Her heart is filled with joy and excitement when she shares her faith with others. As a support person, she is simply unmatched. Yvette has a special gift of making others feel comfortable, no matter what the circumstance may be. Her genuine love for others is truly inspirational and she is always there to lend a helping hand. Yvette's greatest desire is to see others become all that God has called them to be, and she goes above and beyond to make that a reality. Her kind and compassionate spirit is a true blessing to everyone around her.

Sherri Avanzini

Sherri Avanzini is an exceptional individual whose role in Avanzini Ministries is crucial in helping David Avanzini achieve his true potential. Despite experiencing some of the most challenging situations one could ever imagine, Sherri has transformed into a valuable resource for people struggling with difficult circumstances. Her unwavering love for God and for His people is evident in the way she selflessly opens herself up to help others become everything that God has destined them to be. Sherri's dedication and commitment to serving others are unparalleled - she goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that others are supported and encouraged to overcome their obstacles. There is no doubt that Sherri Avanzini is an incredible asset to Avanzini Ministries and is truly worthy of all the praise and endorsement that she receives.

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