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The Pastor's Digital Handbook

The Pastor's Digital Handbook is comprised of a collection of 156 sermonettes, intricately woven together to enlighten your congregation about God's financial plan for their lives. With each sermonette building upon the previous, members will gain a profound understanding and clarity regarding their finances.

This comprehensive program will help members develop a biblical attitude towards money, and draw them closer to God through the power of giving and receiving.

Almost 1600 Slides for Your Congregation to Follow Along


The Pastors Digital Handbook, equipped with its extensive library of almost 1600 accompanying slides, serves as an invaluable asset for seamlessly integrating into your regular services. By embracing this comprehensive system, you can foster a transformative mindset among your congregation, empowering and encouraging them to wholeheartedly embrace their role as faithful stewards of the precious possessions entrusted to them by God. With this resource at your disposal, you can enhance the worship experience and deepen the spiritual connection of your community like never before.

The "collection box" located at the rear of the church does not effectively contribute to your congregation's knowledge.

Teaching does!

Let's face it, money is a Puzzling subject.

Money dominates conversations everywhere - at the grocery store, the ball game, even around the water cooler. But there's one place where it's curiously absent: the church. Isn't it puzzling how we devote more time to earning money than anything else, yet the very institution meant to guide us shies away from the subject? Coincidence? I think not.

We live in an era where the most crucial aspect of our lives is conveniently pushed aside within the very walls where we seek guidance on how to fulfill our purpose on this planet. Don't be fooled. The devil knows that by keeping you in the dark about what God truly thinks about you and your finances, he hinders you from becoming more like Him in this realm.

Pastor, it's time to challenge the status quo and unravel the hidden truths about money's impact on our lives. With our Steward Tips Offertory System, you'll have the tools you need to confidently explore this puzzling subject with your congregation. Dive deep into this unspoken battleground and discover the power that lies within, breaking free from the chains that bind us. Let's empower your congregation with financial wisdom.

Keep this in mind, "You're people will never really be free until their financially free."


Why is it crucial for me to discuss finances with my congregation during the offering?

Money plays a vital role in your people's lives. Individuals dedicate more time each week to work and amass wealth than any other activity. Given the central role money plays in your people's lives, it's crucial to ensure that their thoughts about money are influenced by God's word, rather than solely by worldly perspectives.

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If discussing money in church is important, why wasn't it emphasized more in Bible college?

Money has long been associated with negative connotations like filthy lucre and evil. Consequently, traditional Bible colleges often neglected to emphasize this subject as it wasn't a pressing concern for the church. However, in today's world, with principles being questioned, tithing is gradually eroding within the modern church. People argue that we are under grace, not under the law. In reality, tithing predates the law by at least 540 years, beginning with Melchizedek. Bear in mind that one in every six verses of the Bible touches on money or something that holds financial value. If God devoted that much attention to finances in His word, it only makes sense for us to discuss it during each service as well. Let's ensure we convey His message clearly and in a way that's easy to understand.

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Why should I speak positively about money in my church if it is considered evil?

Speed reading the Word of God won't help us grasp its true message. It's a common misconception that money is the root of all evil. The Word of God actually states that the love of money is the root of all evil. This distinction is crucial. Money itself is neither good nor evil; it reflects the characteristics of its holder. Therefore, it's important to address money openly and help your people cultivate a healthy relationship with it. Only then can they experience the true financial blessing God has for them through tithes and offerings. This will only happen through teaching, and helping your congregation understand what the word of God really says about their finances. Remember this, Pastor, if you're not talking to your people about money, someone else is.

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